Guide To Winning The Dirigo Maine Treasure’s $20k Treasure Hunt, Pre-Order Cards April 13th 9AM EST

Kaia Wirth, Editor-in-Chief

For those anxiously anticipating the release of Outerbanks season 2, the opportunity has arisen for you to have your very own treasure-hunting adventure! As of a week ago, creators of Dirigo Treasures Maine Kurt and Kelly Stokes, have hidden a $20,000 cash prize somewhere in the state of Maine (which was done both ethically and without environmental impact). This exhilarating opportunity was created in celebration of Maine’s 200th bicentennial anniversary, and there are clues concealed all throughout the state. Dirigo Treasures Maine was developed with the mission to “engage both body and mind in support of worthy state-wide charitable endeavors.” The Stokes devised the hunt to require an intricate knowledge of photography law, environmental conscientiousness, just as well as ethical boundaries and property rights. The money originates from the Stokes’ personal savings, spurred only by the faith in their fellow Mainers’ ability to explore unconventional methods of exploration. 

There are detailed instructions on the website linked here, but these are the key aspects of the hunt if you or your friends make an attempt for the prize. 

  • The first level includes the mandatory purchase of the Dirigo Poker deck of cards, which includes 52 cards, an instruction manual, a postcard, and a red travel envelope. On the face of each card is an image unique to a particular landmark in Maine which is meant to be identified by the player. 
  • After identifying where the image is, players use the instruction manual to visit the location and find the clue hidden somewhere on the location. There is a location on all 52 cards, and only after the players have visited all landmarks are they are able to move on to the next level. 
  • On the postcard included with the player’s purchase is a code, which requires the clues found at the 52 locations in order to be translated. 
  • Level 4 is vague on the instructions provided on the instructions released to the public, as the majority of instructions are provided on the manual. However, it is determined that all the clues gathered thus far are to be combined to reveal the 7 Dirigo Stones’ location!
  • Once the stones have been collected, they uncover one single clue that is the peak culmination of the hunt, as it unveils the final location of the $20k. 

There are two purchase options for the Dirigo treasure hunt, both of which include the  52 cards, an instruction manual, a postcard, and red travel envelope. Option 1 (Regular) is $19.99 plus sales tax, while Option 2 (Collector’s Edition) is $39.99 plus tax. The only difference between the two is the size of the poker cards, as the Regular deck is 2.5” x 3.5” and the Collector’s Edition deck is 4.0” x 6.0” Sales are final, but $1 of each sale goes towards one of the two charities that the Stokes support “one to support its people (Maine Cancer Foundation) and the other to support its future (Maine Rivers).” Furthermore, 100% of all profits will be contributed to Health & Environmental non-profit organizations in Maine!

The game does come with several disclaimers and rules, including traveling at your own risk, respecting the environment with a heavy emphasis on leaving no trace, as well as several photography laws. 

As of right now, both decks of cards are sold out – but Tuesday, April 13th at 9 am EST the cards will be replaced and made available for pre-orders. They will be shipped mid-May, and although the “official” deadline of the hunt is May 1st, there should still be sufficient time to succeed. There is a limited stock of only 2,000 Regular decks and 250 Collector’s Edition cards available, but Dirigo Treasures has released a statement that they will consider a third and final printing at a later date if there is high enough demand. The pricing will remain the same. 

For those planning on partaking in this unorthodox exploration of our state, stay safe, stay environmentally responsible, and good luck!