In the early night, as the sky itself was becoming quiet and the sun was making one last shine of the day, taking low in the sky came a peach, yellow-orange, and blotchy sun.  The sun looked almost as a painting, and around the calm scene was a light cool breeze. It was almost like being in a boat on the water, but instead, you hear the sound of cars passing through small puddles and birds flying above. 

Through all the different things going on in this very calm photo, you may not have seen the tall trees up in the sky leaning in around the sunset. All of this brightness and warmth may have you thinking it is spring. However, the photo was taken on a spring-like night when the weather was nice. It is the start of spring so the trees and nature alone are all changing. The wet, damp, gray-like road makes the evening look muggy.  But this contrast makes the sky pop.