The Curse of Fahrmville Chapter 2: Investigate

Chapter 2: Investigate 

Kevin and his friends met in the horse field the next day to start discussing their thoughts on the so-called curse. 

“We need a plan to thwart the plans of the person that makes the curse happen every Halloween,” said Kevin. 

“If there even is someone behind it all,” said Grace. She didn’t fully believe that the curse was controlled by a human. 

“What about the ghost trains?” asked Jackson. 

“I’m gonna stand right by the tracks when it goes by,” replied Kevin. 

“No, no, no!” Shouted the group, 

“What if it actually kills you?” Brad exclaimed. 

“Or captures you?” asked Katie. 

“Okay, fine. We’ll avoid the trains for now,” Kevin replied. That calmed his friends down and they went back to their investigating. 

Back at his house that morning, Jackson had dug through his desk and found a book on the curse of Fahrmville that showed all the past Halloweens. He took the book out and the group took a look at it. The first curse was back in 1900. The book had information about every Halloween from 50 years back, so not the complete timeline. 

“Looks like nothing different really happened with each curse,” Brad remarked. Every year it was pretty much the same. 

Suddenly, the group heard a weird noise. It only took a few seconds before Kevin realized it was the sound Jackson had told him about. “Guys, there’s the weird echo,” Jackson exclaimed, “Follow that sound!” The noise started out sounding like a giant door opening, and then it switched to a weird squeaking that echoed through the field. 

Kevin, Jackson, and the others followed the noise to the other end of the field and then ducked into an alley between two buildings. When they got to the other side of the buildings and into the road, the sound was still a bit far. They took a right up the street in the direction it was coming from, but it was no use. They didn’t make it in time and the sound faded. 

“That’s weird,” said Grace. “We usually only hear that sound on Halloween.” She was right. That was the first time they heard that sound when it wasn’t Halloween. They were going to look into it further, but Kevin suddenly remembered that he had to go do his job, and left to get his side-by-side vehicle. 

As he cleaned the horse droppings around town, he wondered what could be behind that noise and why they heard it pre-Halloween. Maybe the curse was starting early, or maybe it actually is a hoax and some person really is doing something to create it every year. Halloween was in three days, and when the curse arrived he and his friends were going to figure it out. But he wasn’t quite sure how.