AP Studio Art 2020-2021 Virtual Art Show

Kaia Wirth, Editor-in-chief

The following is a message from Mr. Roddy, one of the art teachers here at Kennebunk High:

“I would like to congratulate the AP Art students this year on creating such incredibly thoughtful, meaningful, creative, and passionate artwork. This virtual show is a sampling from each of our AP Studio Art students’ portfolios from this past year. The AP Studio Art Exam pushes students to ask themselves a “question of inquiry” and their portfolios are their way of investigating, practicing, exploring, and visually answering that question. The beginning slide of each student’s work provides a quick summary of their investigation or question of inquiry from this past year.
Many of them worked independently of each other, in-person and virtually with me, and without seeing each other’s finished pieces. I applaud their determination, effort, and success – and feel so proud to share this with you!
Enjoy and please share!”
– Brendan Roddy