Slow The Rise & NPR Student Podcast Submission by Anela McMichael, Makayla Wright, and Tate Brown

Kaia Wirth, Editor-in-chief

“Some of you may remember taking a survey about sea level rise earlier this year.  The results of that survey were used to inform student decisions with regards to a sea level rise awareness and action campaign they created and launched and call “Slow the Rise.”  This webinar is about this campaign.
With the incredible help of this class’s community partners, the Slow the Rise campaign consisted of social media platforms and posts, submission of their podcast to NPR, a presentation that has been given to Chellie Pingree, Kennebunk Rotary, Portside Rotary Club, the Planeteers of Southern Maine, and the School Board.  Additionally, there is this AMAZING student-made video:

If you have the bandwidth, perhaps you can share the preregistration link with your others, including students. show the video in advisory, and maybe even offer a bit of extra credit to any of your students that attend the webinar.  What a great way for the KHS faculty, staff, students, and the RSU 21 community to support these seniors’ efforts around climate change action in their local community!!”
[Information provided by the flyer attached to the webinar]
Additionally, three students of the Gulf of Maine Field Studies course (Anela McMichael, Makayla Wright, and Tate Brown) submitted the following podcast to the NPR Student Podcast Challenge. The link is here