The Curse of Fahrmville Chapter 4: No Evidence

Halloween had finally arrived. Kevin and his friends gathered at his house. The curse would begin at 7:00pm. They were ready with a plan to disable the curse generator. 

“Brad, you’ll stay on lookout. The rest of us will go in,” said Kevin. 

“They’ll probably have security,” Jackson said. 

“So we will avoid it,” Kevin replied. “If we are caught, it won’t do us any good as kids to tell the authorities that the mayor is behind the curse. The mayor will deny it, and it’ll be her word against ours by a long shot.” 

“How about Kate and I try to disable the security system,” Grace suggested. 

“Good idea,” Kevin responded, “then me and Jackson can deal with the generator.” 

The group had agreed on the plan and where ready to go when the curse hit. It started like it always does. The stars and the night sky disappeared behind dark clouds, and a howling breeze blew through Fahrmville. A train horn sounded. Kevin and his friends ran inside his house and shut the curtains. 

When they walked out Kevin’s front door to go to city hall, the metallic echoing noise from earlier sounded like it was coming in their direction, as it was getting louder. 

“We need to go,” Kevin exclaimed, and they jumped into Kevin’s side by side. As they drove away, the noise was still getting closer. 

“It’s chasing us!” Katie cried. 

Kevin turned off the road to avoid an oncoming car, and ended up in the horse field. He figured Appollo could protect him. But as the noise got louder and closer, they had to drive beyond where the horses ate. There was a fence at the other side of the field, and Kevin had to slam on the brakes so he didn’t hit it. The noise was coming for them, and the group got out of the vehicle and prepared to run. 

Then they could make out a figure in the dark shadows. The figure emerged into the group’s sight, and before they ran, they could clearly see that it was… 


A donkey. Just a little gray donkey. 

“No.” Kevin didn’t believe this, “it has to be a distraction.” But Kevin was sure it wasn’t when the donkey started braying, and the bray sounded exactly like the metallic echo they had been hearing this whole time. 

“I don’t believe it,” Jackson whispered. Kevin was speechless. This meant the curse didn’t have creepy sounds, so there was less to be scared of. People just never thought to investigate this noise. It was for sure a strange bray for a donkey. 

“Guys,” Kevin finally spoke, “there are no sounds to be afraid of.” And with that, they headed to city hall. 




The mayor had the curse generator cranked up to it’s normal level. When Kevin and his friends got there, Grace and Katie found the security computers and worked to disable them. Kevin, Brad, and Jackson headed for the curse generator. 

“Hey! How did you kids get in here?” Boomed a voice from behind them in the hallway. A security guard stood close to them and was ready to capture them. “Wait, you don’t understand!” Kevin pleaded. “The mayor is the one setting off the curse!” 

“Don’t be ridiculous where’s your proof?” 

“Ummm…” Kevin realized he probably should have taken a video of the mayor talking when he heard them. 

“Come here!” The guard leaped at them and they ran. He chased them, but then Grace and Katie activated one of the floor lasers. It zapped the guard’s foot and he fell. 

The boys ran off and found the room where the generator was and saw the mayor, vice mayor, and more security guards. 

“Get them!” The mayor shouted to the guards when she saw the boys. Kevin saw a wall that had security batons on it, and he ran over and grabbed one. Brad and Jackson followed his lead. 

They were able to take out some of the guards, but then one of them rushed at Kevin with a baton of his own. Their batons clashed, and then Kevin poked the guard in the stomach with his baton. Then the boys charged at the mayor and curse generator. It was time to end this.