The Curse of Fahrmville Chapter 5: The Mayor’s Story

As the boys got close to the curse machine, The vice mayor moved in front of them and blocked their way. Then he grabbed them to carry them out. But Katie and Grace came up behind him and pushed him down the stairs that led up to the generator. 

In the meantime, the mayor cranked up the generator to make the curse more dangerous. Kevin grabbed her hand as she was turning it to a “deadly” level. They wrestled for the knob on the generator, Kevin tried to turn it down, the mayor tried to turn it up. Then Kevin’s friends pinned her against the wall to the left of the generator with the batons they had stolen from the guards. Kevin shut the machine off. 

While the others were distracted with the mayor and the curse generator, Jackson snuck out of the room. He left city hall and headed for the police station. He figured now would be the perfect time to rat the mayor out because he could lead the police officers back to city hall and there’d be proof right in front of them. 

“Why are you creating this curse?” Kevin asked the mayor, and she told them the story. When she was young, she lived in Fahrmville, and the town was not nice. The person who was mayor at the time was not a nice person. Now, the retired mayor lives in Fahrmville. So the mayor is getting her back, and everyone else in the town. 

Kevin did not think that was the right thing to do. 

“Not everyone was mean to you,” he said, “and two wrongs don’t make a right.” 

“That’s true,” the mayor sounded ashamed. 

Then Jackson arrived with policemen behind him and caught the mayor red-handed. 

1 year later… 

It was 7:00 on Halloween night, and Fahrmville was a normal town. This was the first year that people actually left their homes to do some trick-or-treating. Kevin and his friends received medals for finding the source of the curse. For future Halloweens, they mostly hung out with the horses in the fields. Or on the train tracks, now that they were safe. 

“Maybe next year, we’ll find the vice mayor taking over and starting the curse again,” Kevin joked. 

“Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised,” Jackson said.