A Well Accredited Critique of Roma Pizza


Overall Ranking for Roma Pizza in Kennebunkport, ME:



Every Friday night, the citizens of Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, and Arundel are plagued with the age-old question: “Where should we get pizza from?” Should you go for some thin crust Italian style, or perhaps the seasoned signature sauce of Dominos is more your speed? With so many choices, it can easily become overwhelming for a pizza enthusiast such as yourself. Have no fear, the Grazing Rams™ are here!


To start off, we would like to introduce our criteria. We will grade these fine establishments on a scale of 1-5 by the taste, value, and presentation of their pizza pies. For taste, we utilize 5 different categories: consistency, cheese to sauce ratio, crust, toppings, and of course, grease levels. For value, we have evaluated the cost of the pizza compared to how many people it can feed. The final category is presentation, which is scored on shape, crust, the appearance of the toppings, the cheese slippage, and the design of the pizza box.


We began our pizza odyssey at Roma’s in Kennebunkport, where we ordered a half pepperoni half BBQ chicken pizza.




Taste is arguably the most important part of a pizza pie, so we took this category very seriously. First and foremost, the consistency of the pizza. Overall, we don’t really have any complaints. It was solid. That being said, we have definitely had better consistency in pizzas before, so we gave this category 4/5 stars. Next up, the cheese to sauce ratio. This was strictly average in our opinion. It wasn’t great, but it really wasn’t anything to complain about. This warranted us to rate this subcategory with 3/5 stars. Then, we analyzed the crust. Ignoring personal bias regarding the best type of pizza crust, we looked at this from a strictly unbiased perspective and purely upon taste. Roma’s is known for their Italian-style pizza, and with that comes a nice thin crust. It didn’t disappoint, and we decided that it was a sturdy 4/5 stars. Similarly to the crust, the toppings were overall valid. They were nothing to rave over, but they got the job done. We decided that a 3.5/5 stars would be a proper rating. To finish off our taste category: grease. When we tell you this pizza was greasy, we mean it. This thing was literally sopping and dripping with grease. It was kind of a turn off given that the rest of the taste was so perfect. Unfortunate. Definitely something for Roma’s to improve on in the future. 1/5 stars. 




Value can be a vital aspect of your Friday night pizza dilemma-nobody wants to break the bank over some cheese, dough, and tomaters. Our pie cost around $20, a good deal in our book seeing as how Roma Pizza’s “one size fits all” pizza easily fed four hungry teenagers. Roma’s is also located in Kennebunkport, where most food prices are sky high to make money off of rich tourists, so 20 bucks seems like a reasonable price to pay. 3/5 stars.



When it comes to presentation, Roma’s Pizza has some good-looking pies. They hold their circular shape in such a way that it is apparent a well-trained pizzaiolo (peetz-ee-ah-loh; an Italian pizza dude) manipulated the dough. A solid 4/5 stars. The crust stayed true to classic thin Italian style while also being able to successfully support sauce, cheese, and toppings, but it was nothing spectacular. This led us to a rating of 3/5 stars. Toppings were fairly evenly distributed so that each slice had an equal amount of pepperoni and barbecue chicken for their respective halves of the pizza. We were also impressed by Roma’s ability to neatly drizzle barbecue sauce on the chicken half, while keeping the pepperoni side spotless. This resulted in a 4.5/5 star rating. Now onto slippage or, the pizza’s aptness to stay intact while eating. We were absolutely blown away by Roma’s groundbreaking lack of slippage. The cheese gripped the dough so well that even through multiple “slippage trials” not a single crumb slipped off. See a video of this by clicking here. A spectacular 5/5 stars! Finally, Roma Pizza’s box design. The castle-like cardboard walls of the box kept the pizza at a deliciously warm temperature to be enjoyed even after driving it home. However, the box was pretty generic and we believe the same quality can be found at most pizza restaurants, constituting a 3.5/5 star rating.