Is It Good To Take Risks In Life?

Elisa Smith, Staff Writer

The question of whether or not it is good to take risks in life is one that almost everyone has their own opinion on. From my perspective, it is a good thing to take risks in life. It is a part of growing and finding who you are as a person.  Everything you do in life is a part of your story of growth.

Every day in life is different and has its own risks,  if you don’t take those risks then you’re not going to grow.


Now, let’s get some examples of taking risks. It doesn’t matter how big the risk is, what matters is that you have the faith to take that leap.


The first examples of risks that come to mind are ones that were taken in my own life. The biggest one that was taken recently was applying for my first job. Going in I had little faith that I would get a call back requesting an interview, and in fact, it did take a few applications until I got an interview. One thing that I learned was that if this risk wasn’t taken, then there wouldn’t have been any growth. By taking risks in life you can open a wide range of doors for opportunities. That is exactly what happened to me. When I sent in my first application, I was so proud of myself and was filled with hope that I would get called in for an interview. Although I never heard from the employer, that did not stop me from trying again. Another risk was taken, and the next job application was filled out and brought in. However, when I brought in the application, the employer told me that all the job spots had just been filled, but they would give me a call if something opened up. At this point in time, I was very doubtful of a job opportunity opening up. It felt like there was no sense in waiting around for something that had a 50-50  percent chance of actually happening. Despite feeling this way, I was not going to stop there. I went ahead and took one more risk and went to the next place that had job openings.  Once more, I filled out another job application-this time for Market Basket. The next day, the application was brought in and they immediately asked me to do an on-the-spot interview! When my ears heard those words, a BIG flow of anxiety came over me. Inside I was feeling so many different emotions, but I had to make a split-second decision. I knew that if the chance wasn’t taken then I would have never known if I could have gotten the job, and would therefore not have had the chance to grow. So I accepted the interview. Going into this interview I was so overwhelmed and scared I went with low hopes because of how nervous I was. The manager asked me so many questions and I tried to answer them to the best of my ability. Once I was done with the biggest part of the interview, they asked me how soon I could fill out the paperwork. I GOT THE JOB!!  I was filled with excitement and couldn’t wait to tell my family. 


To wrap up this idea that taking risks is a part of growing, yes, you have to take risks in life to grow. If I hadn’t taken the same risk three times then I would have never gotten the job or the chance to grow or have new experiences in my life.