Senior POV: Freshman Orientation

Ainsley Morrison, Staff Writer

Kennebunk High School welcomed a little over two hundred members of the Class of 2025 on Monday, August 30. Waiting to greet them was an eager group of upperclassmen volunteer peer helpers, and the KHS faculty and staff. After nearly 2 years of Covid learning, this was the first in-person Freshman Orientation since the fall of 2019. Following brief introductions from our KHS Admin and Guidance staff, freshman students broke off into smaller groups led by peer helpers and were guided through 6 stations over the course of just 2 hours. Although it was a lot to take in, the Class of 2025 showed up to each activity ready to participate and engage. 


Session 1: “Mindfulness and Managing Stress and Anxiety” with Ms. Alaimo and Ms. Lira

Session 2: “Field Games” with Ainsley Morrison, Sofie Dumas, and Sydney Dumas (Peer Helpers)

Session 3: “Scavenger Hunt” with Group Peer Helpers

Session 4: “Student ‘Survival’ Panel – Q & A” with Group Peer Helpers 

Session 5: “Finding Belonging and Finding Balance” with Mrs. Owen and Ms. Hal

Session 6: “Managing Tech and Social Media” with Mr. Putnam and Ms. Dilworth


By 11:00, freshman students had made their way around most of the KHS campus during their various sessions and already seemed more settled and comfortable. As the peer helpers left to enjoy their last official day off from school, the class of 2025 began traveling to each of their scheduled classes (both Blue and White Days) where they spent 10 minutes getting to know each class and teacher, hopefully introducing them to an exciting first year at the high school! It will definitely be interesting to see where this first year takes them as the school and district continue to grapple with Covid barriers, but both the freshmen students and upperclassmen (as well as likely our KHS Faculty and Staff) remain hopeful for a more “normal” year.