The Hungry Thief

Guy was a hungry person. He lived in a tiny house with nothing but a bed, kitchen, television, toilet, and shower. He went through every day with few meals, and usually no lunch. 

Sometimes, if the neighbors were eating at their picnic table outside, Guy would swoop in and take a little bit of their food as soon as they put it outside. Guy had a car, and he did manage to get to the grocery store every once in a while. But even then, his budget was very limited. He would buy small meals and cook them over his stove, but it wasn’t enough. 

Guy lived fairly close to a pizza place. There were days where the truck from the supplier warehouse would drive by his house, delivering all sorts of food and ingredients to the pizza place. Guy wished he could eat at the pizza place, but it was too expensive. He wished he could figure out a way to get to those ingredients. 

One day, Guy was on his porch at around the usual time the supply truck passed his house. He wondered if he could maybe sneak in the back of it and get the food… or steal the truck. If he could get his hands on the steering wheel of the truck when it was full, he could hide it behind his house and he’d have food for a month! It would mostly be pizza and soda, but still. Anything was an improvement at this point. 

Guy jumped into his blue car to head to the pizza place. He drove up the one-way street to the back parking lot, where all the employees parked and hid the car at the other side of the building. Then he waited by the garage where the supply trucks backed in to unload. 

A few minutes later, a supply truck arrived. The driver backed it into the loading dock and then got out. Guy climbed into the truck cab as the driver headed to the rear of the vehicle. She pulled a lever that opened the back and triggered a mechanism that pushed all the boxes out the back of the truck, and onto the conveyor belt that led into the pizza place. Unaware of this, Guy drove the truck out of the garage while it was still unloading, and all the food was falling out into the street! 

When he neared the end of the one-way street, another supply truck was coming toward him, and the street wasn’t wide enough for both trucks. Guy could tell his escape plan was foiled. He stopped his truck and got out, and spotted an empty black car sitting in the street with the engine running. He jumped into the car and drove away just before the truck drivers got to him. 

But he didn’t get very far down the road before the police caught him. Guy was arrested on the spot. Even though he knew he’d get 3 meals a day for free in prison, he still felt bad. If you are missing something in your life, theft is never the answer.