The Feminist Club: Who We Are

Ava Ford, Staff Writer

Femᐧ i ᐧ nism

Noun: The advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.

Let’s make one thing clear right off the bat: Feminism is not anti-male. It is pro-female, on the basis of bringing women to the level of privilege that men have in order to make them equal. Feminism is also not inherently transphobic; TERFs are Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists, who purposely weaponize feminism in a negative way in order to marginalize the trans community. Feminism also takes into account intersectionality and understands that women of color are even further marginalized due to their sex and race. 

The Feminist Club’s mission is to promote the equity of all people and build a positive new narrative of feminism for KHS. This started when the Feminist Club led the campaign for the new dress code in March of last year. We began by listening: What did the people want? What was regarded as fair or unfair, logical or illogical? Many students voiced that they had been dress-coded for minor violations of trivial things, like the specific length of a skirt, or a spaghetti strap not passing the ‘three finger rule’. Many had also noticed that the dress code was being enforced inconsistently.  One person would be dress coded multiple times per quarter, while others with different body types could get away with wearing the exact same thing and not hear a hint of disapproval. We wanted change. So, we met many, many times, looking at model dress codes, scrutinizing over the language in order to make the dress code as accepting, reasonable, and freeing as possible. We then met with administrators, who were instrumental in solidifying and formally initiating the new code. And finally, about a month ago, the new dress code was put into place. It took us nearly 8 months, but we got there. Now, everyone is held to an equal standard, with much more realistic regulations, as well as a set of values and a method of enforcement that will  ensure equity between all students in their dress. 

Now, the Feminist Club in collaboration with the Wellness Club is taking on a new project: providing free, easily accesible period products to all KHS students, which will be made available in the bathrooms. We’ve gotten a commitment that funding will be in next year’s budget, but for now we will be looking for donations.  Previously, free menstrual products could be found sporadically in the bathrooms thanks to the Wellness Club. If unlucky, however, you’d have to take time out of your class to walk down to the nurse’s office. Our goal is to make pads, and tampons available consistently in every bathroom in the school, for free. The Feminist Club and the Wellness Club would greatly appreciate any donations of unopened boxes of pads or tampons, as well as monetary donations so we can buy and distribute these products. These donations can be handed in at Ms. Carlson’s room, B220 or in Ms. Donaher’s room, C219. 

In addition, the Feminist Club would love to find new members! We meet every Wednesday after school in room B220, and meetings generally run 2:15-3:30. We spend our meetings discussing current issues, as well as pursuing new projects to endorse feminism in KHS. We love hearing new voices, and everyone is welcome, so feel free to join us at our next meeting!