Come See The Cabaret!


Isabella Donnery, Staff Writer

If you didn’t already know, the KHS International Theatrical Society is hosting a Miscast Cabaret! This is going to be a fundraiser and the proceeds we make will go towards outreach and making the club more enjoyable for people in the club and others who might want to join. Ellie Mason, Director of Programming, said, “It is a chance to highlight the individual talents of the students in drama club… and [having] fun while performing.” We have some great performances coming up in the show such as Arabian Nights, Hellfire, Winter Wonderland, etc. There will also be two student choreographed solos from the KHS IB Theater class. Maggie Nelson, Club President said, “It’s a break from the stress of normal shows as a performance with less pressure… [there is also] a chance to practice performing in front of an audience.” The cost is $5 a ticket and proof of vaccination or negative covid test is required. I guarantee it will be an amazing experience, so come see us!


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