Join The Math Team!


The KHS Math Team is always looking for new members! Math Team is a great, low-risk place to have fun looking at cool math problems and to hang out with friends and classmates. We meet Tuesdays after school from 2:30 to 3:00 and Thursdays before school from 7:00 to 7:45. The team is open to all students, regardless of grade or skill level. You can stop by Ms. Ovington’s room, C208, to try a sample problem, pick up permission slips or practice materials, or ask questions. 


What is Math Team all about?


First off, in Math Team, we obviously do math. A lot of students can find math to be stressful or intimidating, but Math Team is a great place to try out new problems, make mistakes, or apply what you already know. We attend five after-school regional meets per year, either completing the meet at KHS or traveling to another school in Southern Maine, and we end in March with a final state-wide meet in Augusta.


Let’s break down what meets look like:


At each meet, we send an A Team, and if we have enough members, a B Team, to compete in five 12-minute rounds and a final team round. Each team consists of a maximum of ten members. To calculate our final score as a team, we add the scores of the six highest scoring individuals to the team total. Each round in a meet consists of three questions, increasing in difficulty, with a different number of points awarded based on the difficulty of the problem. 


Some perks of being on Math Team:


Math Team is a great place to develop math skills. One major perk of joining Math Team is that if you attend a meet and score at least six points overall, your math teacher will bump your quarter grade up by a point. Earning six points is equivalent to getting two of the easiest, 3-pointer questions correct, and is very achievable. Additionally, at both Math Team club meetings and at competitions, we have food and drinks, and attending the state meet in March means missing a day of school. 


How is the team doing right now?


Currently, the KHS Math Team is 6th in our region (PiCone South) and 10th overall. We just competed in our 3rd meet on December 8th and the next is scheduled for January 26, 2022. The subjects for next meet are: Arithmetic with Literal Equations, Logs and Log Equations, Linear Coordinate Geometry, Functions, and Trigonometric Mechanics. 


Come by C208 to see what Math Team is like, we’d love to have you!