Lives Influenced by The Virus


“It was much worse,” this was Kyle’s description of his post-pandemic life. Kyle Barron compared his life, from pre-pandemic to post-pandemic. Will Camp’s response was similar to his friend, Kyle’s. “Well, I’m a very social person, so Covid was tough because I wasn’t able to talk to anyone.” Most people can describe their lives changing drastically because of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Nearly two years ago, the Coronavirus Pandemic took the world by storm. People had to stay quarantined for quite some time, yet Will and Kyle both described their quarantine lives in Spring 2020 as a vacation that also ruined their social lives. Kyle’s description of it ruining his life was, “It canceled sports.”  Some High-School students may feel the same way as both Kyle and Will did. The Coronavirus Pandemic put a halt to their social lives, but also canceled activities and sports, which didn’t help them.

Although the Pandemic was responsible for changing the social scene, it left many people with more personal losses.  Will shared his own experiences remarking that “it has changed a lot, I’ve had a couple of losses. And now it is tough because we can’t go to the funerals, but had to do it through video.”  

The Pandemic has affected the lives of many people, especially students. After nearly two years, we’ve yet to return to a pre-pandemic normal. Will remains positive despite this: “Yeah, I’ve been getting more social as Covid slowed down, and I’ve gotten the vaccine.”  On the other hand, Kyle is not as hopeful as Will, “Yeah, it might take a while.”

It might take a while, but the world will either return to the pre-pandemic normal or adapt to a new normal, a new normal that may somewhat mirror the pre-pandemic. Lives may have changed or been affected, but the spark of hope prevails.