Pranked! A Sequel to Vacation Gone Wrong

Steve and Dan crept around the side of Alex’s house. She wasn’t home at this time. She was out doing her usual daily work. 

“This is the greatest prank ever,” Steve said excitedly. Dan did a little evil laugh in response. 

They were planning to paint her whole house green and then sign Ben’s name on it, pranking two people at the same time! 

“No one is around,” Dan said. Steve started spray-painting the house, and signed it in Ben’s name. But then they saw Ben coming and had to run away. Luckily, Steve managed to drop the spray can on the scene of the crime. 

Ben came up to the spray painted wall and looked at it curiously. Steve and Dan watched from behind a tree as he stood there and wondered who did it. Alex got home as he was standing there, and she caught him. She started yelling at him. He attempted to deny it but the wall was signed with his name. Steve and Dan laughed. 

That night, Alex assembled Steve, Dan, and Ben. 

“What’s this about?” Steve asked. 

“I’m leaving this village,” Alex said blankly. 

“Why?” Ben said even though he probably already knew. 

“I don’t feel appreciated here.” 

“No you can’t leave!” Dan exclaimed. 

But Alex had already packed her things into the camper and was ready to get in. When she walked toward it, Steve began to confess that it was him and Dan, not Ben, who painted her house. But then, Alex turned around to face them and shouted: 


All the guys developed looks of surprise. It turns out, Alex knew it was really Steve and Dan because she had a camera on her house that she could look at any time. She wanted to prank them in order to get them back for pranking her. Steve was relieved and would have to remind himself of the consequences of a good prank. And most importantly, don’t mess with Alex.