The Polar Bears


Elisa Smith, Staff Writer

Since the pandemic, life has been different. From social distancing, quarantining and other disruptions have had a big impact on many people both kids and adults. We went from school five days a week to long distance learning to hybrid learning. And now here we are in the 2021 – 2022 school year back in the buildings. However, this doesn’t mean that things are completely normal. We still have to be careful, our lives are not the same, but we are all making the most of it. 


Many things look different, whether in school or outside of school, but a group of students took an inside activity and brought it outside. I had the chance to meet with two groups that like to eat outside in any weather. From what I gathered, they have been eating outside since the last school year. It all started when one small group of friends chose to eat outside. They do this for a few reasons, but the biggest one is because of covid. Everyone has their own reason for making the choices that they make in their day-to-day lives. I was very interested as to why these students felt so motivated and confident about eating outside. 


When meeting with the two groups, I asked them a series of questions hoping to get a better understanding of their motivation to eat outside even in the winter. The first question I asked was why they were choosing to go outside. One response was that it was good to get outside during the day and get fresh air. Some also feel safer eating outside because of covid. The second group answered almost the same but they gave a few other relevant points. Saying that it is good to get out for natural light and it is better for the mask break they get at lunch. I asked them how they were handling these cold winter months and if they would continue to eat outside if the mask mandate is lifted . They said they had to dress warm and sometimes wear gloves. I was also told that they would continue to eat outside for the rest of the school year and once the mask mandate was up because it was a tradition. The Blue day C lunch agreed but said if they got cold they would just power through. Another thing that was added when I asked if they would continue with this tradition I was given a solid yes and that they would like to continue it until they are seniors. 


I then asked the students if they thought fresh air helped them focus better in school and if they would recommend eating outside to their fellow classmates. The responses I received within these two questions were that they did feel the fresh air helped them focus along with the fact it helps wake your body up. They do recommend it to their upper and lower class members because it helps give your body more energy for the second half of your day. However, the other group had a different view on this, they did not feel it made much of a difference with the level of focus. 


The final question I asked was about fashion. I asked this question because in today’s generation we all dress a certain way and try to fit in and be up-to-date with the different trends. I asked these students if they dressed for fashion or for warmth when eating outside. The response I received from the first group was that for the most part the students dress for warmth and not for fashion but to be able to stay warm during their lunch break. However, the other lunch group doesn’t base what they wear on trends or warmth. 


I was able to get a better understanding of why these groups  spend their lunch outside. They make this choice to get a change of scenery and to feel safer when taking off their masks. If you like the cold and fresh air, go join one of these groups outside for one of the lunches if you can, or wait for spring when it warms up some more.