Listening to Music Has Benefits

Elisa Smith, Staff Writer

Over time music has changed. The different genres people listen to tend to change on a daily basis. We all get wrapped up in top songs on the radio or the newest album that has been released. Have we ever stopped to think about all the different benefits that we can get from listening to music? Rebecca Joy Stanborough wrote an article about how music benefits our day-to-day lives and overall health. 

When reading this article, I was able to get a better understanding of why it is so important to spend time listening to music. It is more than just an impressive song by a favorite artist. The truth is, music can help us stay more healthy both physically and mentally.  According to Stanborough, “Music can make you want to move”. It can be very beneficial and help you get your step count for the day by helping you enjoy exercising. Most of the time when someone says the word exercise or gym, people groan. This is because not everyone finds exercising fun; however, this article gave examples of how music can motivate people to exercise and help them to stay healthy. Stanborough states that “working out with music improves your mood, helps your body to exercise more efficiently”. When people choose to exercise while listening to music it can distract them from the pain and tension they may be feeling on their muscles. This can make exercising less painful and more enjoyable for many. The different types of music can also impact the effort you put into your workout.  For example, if you listen to high upbeat fast music it could help you exercise faster, get a higher heart rate, and burn off more calories.  Whereas if you’re listening to soft slow beats,  you’re going to be less likely to sweat and burn off calories. I find this section of the article very interesting and it really opens my eyes to one of many incredible ways music benefits us. 

As I kept reading my eyes were opened even wider, and I was able to see another amazing way that music can help so many people of any age, especially with mental health by providing peace and comfort. The author talked about how different genres of music can provide comfort and security to people with Alzheimer’s disease, depression, or anxiety.  This really caught my attention: “Listening to music before a stressful situation doesn’t reduce anxiety, listening to relaxing music after a stressful event can help your nervous system recover faster” (Stanborough). This statement surprised me and got me thinking, I find it very interesting how music doesn’t calm the nervous system down before a stressful situation, but it will help after the matter. 

From this interesting and very detailed article, I was able to understand the importance of music and how we should all take time and listen to some of our favorite songs. It might help you reduce stress and have a better mindset. I was able to learn a lot about the value of music, and that it is more than just a song on the radio.