Freshmen Orientation: A New Perspective

Freshmen Orientation: A New Perspective

Isabella Donnery

As the new school year begins, new people begin to enter the halls of KHS. This year, that new group is the class of 2026. Being a sophomore myself, I remember last year and how I felt about the freshman orientation, so I decided to come to the orientation and follow around the different groups. I got many opinions from freshmen on how they felt about orientation and the new school year in general.

I started off with a simple question, asking a group if they had any plans to join any extracurriculars such as sports, clubs, theater, etc. While they wish to remain anonymous, their answers ranged from sports like softball and field hockey to after-school activities such as the art club. Then I asked another group about how they felt the orientation was going so far. Two freshmen, Maddie and Addie reflected that the day was “ [a] great…foundation…for going into freshman year,” and “a great experience to learn where our classes are before everyone comes.” A freshman named Makayla spoke for many freshmen when she said, “It’s a bit nervewracking, but it’s a new step…” she said. Interviewee Sophia said that “It’s very inclusive, everyone gets to join in and talk and it’s been fun hanging with my friends.”

When I decided to do this article, I thought about what my freshman orientation was like. It got me thinking about what it was like for my friends too, and even some peer helpers who helped out this year. I interviewed Adora Olise, a senior peer helper, about her general thoughts on the orientation this year. She said, “I think the perspective and energy of the freshman is really important… you get what you give.” One of my friends, Aubree, reflected,  “I loved my freshman year, and orientation was an easy way to start the year because we got the chance to see the school and the teachers without the pressure of other people. It really helped me feel more comfortable in the school.” Another friend of mine, Gracie, said, “during orientation was when I met my lifelong friends and met amazing teachers. It changed my view on how the year could progress. I grew and learned and as the year came to an end, I realized how special it all had been.” My friend Elsa commented that “looking back on my own freshman orientation I remember feeling anxious about the amount of information thrown at me all at once but, reflecting now, I feel it was a good step to ease into the high school environment.”

Overall, despite their nervousness, based on what I heard from the freshmen, the orientation was a success. It’s pretty easy to see that this day helps to prepare students for their future at KHS.