Herd in the Halls Issue No. 5

Herd in the Halls, Issue No. 5

Welcome to the fifth issue of Herd in the Halls! Herd in the Halls is a project that interviews students during lunches with a question of the week. If you were interviewed or want to see what your peers are saying, this is the place to be!

Question of the Week: What’s your unpopular opinion/hot take?

“Cheez-Its are better than Cheetos”

“Ketchup is the most disgusting thing on Earth”

“School Football is overrated”

“Senior boys in our school are obsessed with cliques”

“Coffee is disgusting”

“Fast food is disgusting and it’s getting pricier every day.”

“Grey’s Anatomy is overrated”

“Stranger Things is overrated” 

“Taylor Swift makes the most boring music.” 

“Apple Music is better than Spotify.” 

“Cross Country is the best sport.” 

“Cross Country is the worst sport.” (This person replied to his friend’s hot take)

“Track is overrated”

“Kennebunk Lacrosse is  overrated “

“Grilled cheese and ketchup is good.”

“Cranberry Sauce is the worst part of Thanksgiving dinner.”

“First block study halls are overhyped.”

“Boba is garbage.”

“Shamrock shakes are disgusting.”

“Puffer vests are pointless.”

“School crispy chicken is delicious”

“Angelina Jolie is overrated.”

“I don’t like donuts that much.”

“I like Asparagus.”

“Pie is better than cake”

“Jaylen Brown is better than Jason Tatum”

“NY giants are going to win the Super Bowl”

“Drake’s new album is trash.”

“Pop music can be good even if it’s cheesy.”

“Lemonade mouth is the best Disney movie of all time.”

“Locker rooms should be closed down during the day.” 

“I hate Ariana Grande”

“High School isn’t a musical.”

“Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are overrated”



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