Herd in the Halls Issue No. 7

Herd in the Halls, Issue No. 7

Welcome to the seventh issue of Herd in the Halls! Herd in the Halls is a project that interviews students during lunches with a question of the week. If you were interviewed or want to see what your peers are saying, this is the place to be!

Question of the Week: What would you do today if you knew you would die tomorrow?

‘Get together with friends and family’

‘Go on vacation’

‘Go skydiving’

‘Watch every movie I’ve ever wanted to watch’

‘Make my last meal mac and cheese’

‘Go to my dream concert’

‘Hang out with friends’

‘Apologize to every person I’ve wronged’

‘Go for a walk in the woods’

‘Cross everything off my bucket list’

‘Listen to ‘Die Young’ by Ke$ha’

‘Tell everyone that I love them’

‘Plan my funeral’

‘Have a dance party in a public place’


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