Winter Track is Back

As the 2023 new year draws closer, winter sports are in full swing. For most, this is the first winter season in two years without COVID-19 health and safety restrictions. For the KHS Indoor Track team, masks created a hindrance in individual and team performance. However, this year, the team is allowed to practice and participate in events without masks after three seasons with mask regulations. On December 12th, 2022, the KHS team competed against Thornton Academy, Gorham, and Portland high schools, placing 4th overall. 

Runners Kyle Barron, Owen Quitog, Django Tachibana, Caden Lacadie-Bolduc, Ava Feeney, Jacob Eon, Aubrey Bedard, Isabella Awbrey, Adela Rutrlova, Aidan Marley, Jaxson Redmond, Jordan Kellis, Trevor Williams, Fletcher Crean, Flynn Crean, Xander Pettis, Dylan Cyr, Antony Palmeri, Dylan Hurley, Owen Snow, and Andrew Atwater, all placed in 3rd or above either in a relay or individual event. Many of these athletes are undergoing their first indoor season.

With the first meet completed, and five more to go, the KHS Indoor Track team awaits more competition and victories for its athletes.