Teacher of the Week: Mr. O’Brien

Welcome to the first edition of Teacher of the Week since 2015! Each week, we’ll be highlighting a teacher or staff member here at KHS. This week’s Teacher of the Week is Mr. O’Brien! Mr. O’Brien is one of the heads of the Science Department and has been working at KHS for 16 years. Currently, Mr. O’Brien teaches chemistry and physics.

Who would you like to invite to dinner – dead or alive?

Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, & Steven Hawking


No names – describe your worst teaching experience.

Teaching during the height of the pandemic.


What’s the hardest thing about teaching?

Staying organized so you remember to do everything that you need to do.


What’s your teacher bliss?

It is always challenging, yet fun and interesting.


Your Advice to Students:

Do your best, but don’t sweat the small stuff. Get involved in a club or sport that you like.


Mr. O’Brien’s YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@michaelobrien4834/videos