Teacher of the Week: Ms. Stockbridge

Welcome back to Teacher of the Week! Each week, we’ll be highlighting a teacher or staff member here at KHS. This week’s Teacher of the Week is Ms. Stockbridge! Ms. Stockbridge is the internship director at KHS and has been working here for 3 years. 

Who would you like to invite to dinner – dead or alive?

Tom Brady – 3 times


No names – describe your worst teaching experience.

I had two students who were disrespectful and disruptive in the classroom to the point I had to send them to the office. One student found she needed a different approach to finishing classes at KHS and the other student returned to class without further issue.


What’s the hardest thing about teaching?

I think it’s often hard to keep students engaged in their own learning.


What’s your teacher bliss?

I love it when a student has the courage to put themselves out there – either by answering a question in class or taking on a new challenge. Another bliss is running into, by chance, a Co-op or Intern while they are working!


Your Advice to Students:

Set goals (it puts you in control), do your best, and have a happy life!