Herd in the Halls No. 13

Welcome to the thirteenth issue of Herd in the Halls! Herd in the Halls is a project that interviews students during lunches with a question of the week. If you were interviewed or want to see what your peers are saying, this is the place to be!

Question of the Week: What was your favorite TV show as a kid?

‘The Simpsons’

‘Mr. Meaty’

‘Curious George’ 

‘Peppa Pig’

‘Kickin’ It’

‘Wild Kratts’

‘Lab Rats’ 

‘Dinosaur Train’


‘Bubble Guppies’

‘Paw Patrol’ 



‘Yo Gabba Gabba!’

‘Super Why!’

‘Max and Ruby’

‘The Backyardigans’  


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