Do Not Blink

Do not blink because the first stage of genocide is 


giving name and face to something that will be called “Monster”, that will be called “other”

keep your eyes Open

because the second stage of genocide is 


categorization, and weaponization of words we use to free ourselves, making jail cells of our identities, nooses of our flags

do not Look Away

because the third stage of genocide is 


the rubbing away of rights with smiles that hide cruel words and paper laced with poison

laws that corrode the skin of children given no chance to grow up 

Look Harder

Because the fourth stage of genocide is 


snatching the syllables of “man” and “woman” from our mouths before we can even make them ours 

the nooses of our pride growing tighter around purpling throats 

and Keep Your Eyes Up

Because the fifth stage of genocide is 


the army against us wears the uniform of a friend,

 a parent, protector, and prosecutor wear the same face, carry guns loaded with lies and legality


trying to ignore this

because the sixth stage of genocide is 


propaganda pulsing in public veins

making friends, foes, and lovers, soldiers

if we tear ourselves apart they can’t kill us all


Do not stop staring 

Because the seventh stage of genocide is


teeth clean

guns loaded

knives sharp

Eyes up

Look me in the eyes 

Because I wake up unsure when the next stage is crashing down because I am staring down a cascade of graves, an endless obituary to people who look like me, Because I am Too Fucking Young to be this scared for my life 

Are you even watching?