Herd in the Halls No. 15

Welcome to the fifteenth issue of Herd in the Halls! Herd in the Halls is a project that interviews students during lunches with a question of the week. If you were interviewed or want to see what your peers are saying, this is the place to be!

Question of the Week: What is your biggest regret reflecting on this year?

I wish I hadn’t applied to a school that I did.

Taking AP Euro.

Running a bus stop sign.

Taking APUSH.

Waiting until November to finish my personal essay.

Waiting till the night before to study for my AP exam.

Not connecting with my peers as much. 

That I stuck with Jazz Band. 

Not joining clubs earlier in the year.

Not turning in assignments on time. 

Not taking a fun elective class. 

Going left at a right light. 

Failing my drivers test two times. 

Lost our mock trial case. 

Lost to David Rush in a planking contest. 



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