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Aaaand we’re back! We here at the KHS Rampage would like to thank our loyal viewers for waiting through our three month commercial break, who are eager to scratch that nasty itch for sweet, sweet journalism that we know has been nagging you since our departure last spring. We’d also like to welcome our brand new readers, fresh and hot out of middle school, the freshmen! Give ‘em a hand, everybody, they’ll need it! Alright, freshmen, now that all the other grades are off suturing their gaping stump wounds, the following is an article straight from me to you. Keep these high school survival facts handy at all times, which shouldn’t be hard with all those extra hands you now have!

Make Friends With Upperclassmen

We may be intimidating, or maybe not, but making friends with an upperclassman is an easy and beneficial way to get a reliable inside source on the whos, whats, and wheres of the school. It should be noted here that upperclassmen are people too, and one should refrain from forging parasitic relationships. We may be useful, but we are not tools!


Well, not most of us anyways….


Keep a Map of the School

A quick visit to the office or the school website will provide you with easy navigation of the entire school. It’s well worth your time to make use of this tool in case you ever get lost, especially with the renovations going on.

Follow the Dress Code

You may think yourself a rebel, but keep in mind that, whether or not a rule makes sense, breaking it will have consequences. There is some leniency, so finding an appropriate and stylish outfit shouldn’t be hard at all. If you’re having trouble, there is also a column here on the Rampage all about the latest fashion trends for your reading pleasure!

Make School Friends

Try to make at least one friend in every class. Having someone to sit next to and partner with will make passing the time in class infinitely easier, and [it will] enrich your time outside of school.

Attend Events

Speaking of time outside of school, consider coming back every once in a while to support your classmates performing in plays and playing in games. School events are the easiest places to make new friends and meet up with old ones, because so many students congregate at them, and conversation is easy when you know that everyone has something in common!

Don’t Obsess Over Image

It’s usually expected that in High School you will begin to “discover yourself.” This is generally true, but is also very often misconceived. Students new to high school think that self discovery basically equates to choosing a class in an RPG. They think that they have a set number of options that will change their experience for the better or worse. Should you choose the brawny Jock, or the brainy Nerd? Perhaps the brooding Goth is more your speed. This is how most freshmen see self discovery, which, frankly, is the opposite of what it actually is! Self discovery is growing into yourself, not morphing your body to fit into your favorite cookie cutter personality. That’s not you, that’s what you think will bring you happiness. But how can you ever be happy if you’re not even yourself anymore? So, don’t obsess over image. Be yourself, do what you want to do in your spare time, and people will see the real you. This can be a scary concept, showing yourself to the world, and some people may hate you, but some people will love you. That’s the thing about attraction: just like a magnet, you will attract the positive energy and repel the negative.

That really sums up what you need to live a happy life in high school, although I do have one more piece of advice:

Don’t Rely on High School Guides

I hate to break it to you, but you may have just wasted your time by reading this guide, because the #1 most important thing to not only surviving through high school, but prospering in high school is to march to the beat of your own drum.

The following years of your life are going to be stressful in places, and there will be many different forces with asinine and contradictory expectations of you, as well as responsibilities dropped in your lap that you will have trouble juggling, but you won’t get anywhere that you want to go if you’re always running around for everyone else. With this, you will meet challenges, and they will slink away from you, defeated. They will never stop coming, and so you must never stop pushing through them to glory. No one remembers the one who lays down and shows their belly to a challenge, but the one who stands proud against adversity, whether they win or not!

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