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There Once Was a Girl Who Was Really a Boy

Mary Couturier, Guest Writer

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There once was a girl who was really a boy. She owned girl clothes, spoke in a girl tone, and even had a boyfriend. This girl attended a Catholic school and lived with her mother and sister. She had a nearly perfect life for a teenager. However, something was always missing.

There was a girl who didn’t feel right in anything: Her clothing, her speech, and her identity. She was lost and left without any words to describe how she felt simply because she couldn’t define herself. That is, until she met a girl who she ended up loving and began to realize she wasn’t like the others, especially those at her school. Her clothes became baggier to hide herself but she no longer felt like anyone at all.

Realizing who this person was inside of herself was a timely step. Coming out took courage, and in the achievement of finding herself, she discovered that “She,” was a “he,” and so he created himself a new identity.

There was now a boy who used to be a girl. He bought boy clothes, spoke in boy ways, and even had a girlfriend. This boy attended the same Catholic school and lived with his supportive mother and sister. However, there was one more step to achieving who he really was to others. An Irish poet once stated that, “it is through disobedience that progress has been made, through disobedience and rebellion.” This boy did just that.

One morning, the boy slid his legs into khaki pants rather than suffocating them with tights and a plaid skirt. He wiggled his arms that were more familiar with the sleeves of a blouse into a collared shirt. Lastly, he knotted a tie. Today was the day he arrived at school as a boy.

With shaking limbs he stepped into the religious school and walked down the religious hallways, past the many eyes that stared at him and the low murmurs. It had not taken the hour hand of the clock to hit 9:00 for the Dean of Students to order the boy into his office and for the man to state the words: “We do not accept your kind.” The boy’s limbs, still shaking, walked himself out of the school. He felt temporarily defeated as the man’s statement repeatedly played inside of the boy’s head.

When Oscar Wilde observed that disobedience is vital to human progression, he was right. This boy disobeyed the dress code of a Catholic high school in order to achieve his true identity. If it weren’t for those who disobey or face rebellion in society, it would not be as inclusive as it is today. Granted, there will forever be improvements to make, but all of the bravest disobedience has led us to this point. If it weren’t for my transgender brother disobeying his school’s dress code, there would not be as much support and understanding of his cause. Additionally, if it had not been for the Catholic high school that dehumanized people based on their sexual orientation, we would not view the need for progression as much as we do today.

The journey for my brother is infinite, and because of his experiences, he has become an active role model and speaker for the LGBTQ community and beyond. Through his personal transition, he has been able to realize and work toward a greater America, one where there is an inclusive environment as a whole.

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There Once Was a Girl Who Was Really a Boy