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Is There Artistic Value in the News?

Lucia Davis, Art Editor

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“I chose an issue that wasn’t in the spotlight, that I didn’t think enough people were talking about.  I think art pieces can spark conversation, I wanted to try and do that.”

In Mrs. Mooney’s year two IB Visual Arts class, students were asked to create a piece based on a social issue. Students chose issues from birth control to food waste in creating their artwork. In choosing the topic, students picked something that they felt needed to be talked about. Student Kyla Lynch explains, “I think art pieces can spark conversation. I wanted to try and do that.”  In assigning this project, Mrs. Mooney wanted her students to have “a really strong visual communication piece.” The artwork is powerful and the message these students convey is strong.


Will Blastos on Chechen Genocide


Alex Robbie-Johnston on suicide


Kyla Lynch on food waste


Rachel Petrarca on birth control


Evie Roop on motherhood

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Is There Artistic Value in the News?